Here are a few emails and messages we’ve received from our customers:-

Hope you’re good!  Just to say thanks for the great set up on my ES135 a few weeks ago, I’m really chuffed with it.

Hi Guys

…Your work on the fret board and set up has certainly paid off made playing effortless, comfortable and slick with all the choking and dead spots gone, it is also very forgiving and truly wonderful to play, despite your comments on the neck it remains in tune (central heating being switched on and off due to the Scottish springtime weather notwithstanding) and once again for a cost totalling less than the recommended retail price for this instrument I have a superb instrument that plays and sounds terrific and looks amazing sitting next to the flamed maple les Paul (Richwood) and the Quilted maple 335 (Richwood) both of which you will remember from last year,

Warm regards and many thanks



Thanks for your time, attention and skills in restoring my guitar – it is a joy to be reunited with my wee guitar even if there’s a ham-fisted plinker over it LOL

I am back to picking out wee progressions and hopefully turning them into songs.

Will recommend you for all your assistance to others

Keep up the good work – have subscribed/liked the Facebook page and will advertise your good work to all my musician friends.



just a quick message to say thanks, collected my guitar yesterday (hamer slammer) and it now sounds amazing… excellent service

thanks guy’s


the jazzmaster feels and sounds better than it ever has. i’m really pleased with the set up. see you next time it needs a tweak. all the best


In the shop I was told that after your tender lovin’ work on my old guitar it would be like a new instrument. She wasn’t lying! I’m delighted. Played it in the kirk this morning, and folks just fell down and worshipped – whether to the Almighty or the almighty Tele I’m not sure. I feel as if the spirit of Roy Buchanan is upon me!


Hello to the Wonderful staff at Strungout Guitars,

I was in touch about a Month ago asking if you were interested in
Buying My Crate GT120Half Stack, Also a Lindo Flying V design electric
+ A Pair of Duncan Designed Humbuckers.. You told me you were
interested and that I should bring them down to the Shop for ye all to
Look at.
My time has been consumed with work and Daily Life and have been
unable to come Down with the Gear for ye all to Look at. Was in the
shop the  other day to buy a few bit’s and Bobs, Being in a Rush it
did not enter my mind to communicate and query about my Gear… I
have Mentioned before, Strungout Guitar’s is the the Best Musical
store I have visited in My day for Top Quality Customer service and as
each Member of staff goes, You are all Genuine, Down to Earth
individuals and exeptionally Joyious People!!!
Back to Business though!!  I have been fortunate to have a Semi-
Free Day tomorow (Monday 13th)  and I shall be able to bring Down the
above Gear either Before Midday or Shortly after Noon!! Just though
I’d Let ye all know before Hand!!

Do take Good Care Now!!
Regards, James


Just to say, well impressed with the guitar! Thank you very much!!
Frets will need some work at some point, it’s a question of funds I’m
afraid.  For now I’m quite happy though!

I’ve got a small mandolin (I think) I would like to bring in soon,
it’s very old and in need of some TLC.  Think it would be really nice
once sorted out.
Cheers, Jamie


Just wanted to say thanks for your work on my Ovation Celebrity and
for explaining what you could do to improve playability.  Despite the
limitations on what was practical, it now plays like a dream and is so
much easier on the fingers than before. Thanks also to all the staff I
dealt with who made the whole experience of dealing with your business
a real pleasure. I hope to bring in my old EKO Ranger XII for an
overhaul as soon as funds allow.

Thanks again


Hi guys,
         don’t know if the time is shown on this e-mail (its nearly
two in the morning) and I’ve just managed to put down my bass after
getting it back today. What a brilliant job you have done! I’m like a
kid with a new toy and am only stopping ’cause my fingers are frayed
(and the dog needs out!). Thanks again for making my bass feel so

I’ve been working abroad the last few weeks so haven’t had a minute to
thank you both for the fantastic job you did at Strung Out on the
1950s Framus Black Rose I brought in (aka as a bunch of old plywood
with holes, screws and superglue in it).  I couldn’t believe the
quality of the transformation. (have attached before and after pics)
It’s stunning and now the action is fab and the tone is beautiful.
I’m going to stick a Shadow Attila Zoller neck pick up on it and a
Gibson pickguard and we will then have one very classy jazzbox.  I
can’t thank you both enough and I will also email Simms to let them
know what a great job they did too.   It has been much admired.

 I will no doubt be back in the near future with more headaches for
you.  I’ve just acquired a 1961 Hofner Committee, which needs a bit of
Strung Out TLC, though this one hopefully is more of a fretfile than a
complete rebuild!
Be in touch.  Keep up the good work.

Hi there,

I picked up the Patrick Eggle Vienna Plus on Wednesday and just wanted
to let you know I am absolutely delighted with it!  It’s a real top
quality guitar and the set-up is perfect.

Many thanks,


hi guys n gals,

 picked up les paul yesterday after getting it sorted out with new nut and overhaul —absolutely fantastic, sounds better than it ever did if that is possible.  GREAT JOB GREAT SERVICE.

love the ernie ball hybrids too great advice – need to try them on my other toys too


Hi folks, picked up my LP from you late last week after you’d fettled it to put the neck right (I got it off eBay, very incorrect description and could have been a very bad move if you hadn’t saved the day).

Needless to say it, but I will – WHAT A difference!!!!!!!, it actually plays now, even for a duffer like me. In fact it plays superbly! It also appears to stay in tune for a while ….. Still finding my way with it as it feels so different from my Fenders. Mind you, pity you can’t work your wonders with my playing technique!!

Many thanks for such superb and friendly service, and a quality job. I knew it would be anyway but it’s so refreshing these days to be able to rely on quality service.

I’ve got another wee challenge for you but need to save up my pennies for it. As Arnie says, I’ll be back!

Loved the Baldwin 706 but until I actually get my  a__e in gear and actually start using the things I don’t think even I can justify another guitar just at the moment …….. or can I….. Maybe one Baldwin (the one from hell) in  collection is enough for anyone.



Just wanted to thank you again for all the work making an inexpensive guitar sing again and for being so helpful and generous. All the best to you and Louise. Hi to Paul and thanks for the sound advice on the sheraton. Cheers. StevePaula,Thank you so much!!The money has been transferred and should be in your account within 2 hours. This has really got me out of trouble as its a friend’s guitar that I broke the battery door on.This is the best service I have ever received from ANY web retailer EVER! and I do a lot of buying on the web,and you can quote me on that.Next time I’m in Glasgow the drinks are on me.Kind regardsTrevor

 Would just like to say a big thank you.  Guitar  sounds a hell of a lot  better, looks great.  I think you have saved a piece of junk.  Anyway thanks for your efforts and great  work, much appreciated.   Had a blast playing it for the first time.      
   yours sincerely Thomas

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone at Strung Out for helping me to sell my old Gretsch Anniversary.

I was worried about trying to sell it online, and your assistance made the whole process easy and painless. I’m really glad it’s gone to a good home, too. Sounds like the buyer is a real Gretsch fan.

I really appreciate all your help – and will be keeping my eyes peeled for another nice Gretsch to buy with the proceeds.

Thanks a bunch, everybody!

Just wanted to say thanks again for the fanastic service that I received today when you worked on my Pacifica! Couldn’t have been dealt with better in every way and was absolutely delighted with the work that was carried out. Guitar looks fantastic and sounds great 🙂 Thanks so much for the quick turnaround and great pricing. Will use again with no worries! Best wishes, Alec

Hi, I picked up my Fender Telecaster custom today (Sat) after a tune up and just to let you know it now plays as beautifully as it looks! Many thanks Graham

Hey guys,

I just popped into your shop today for a nosey, as a mate who’s a very experienced guitarist recommended your shop, even though I wasn’t in to buy you made me feel very welcome – encouraging me to sample the guitars, as a learner guitarist (mid life crisis :D) it was a refreshing experience rather than the usual indifferent /aloof type shops. Just wanted you to know when I am in the market for a new axe, it’ll be your shop I come to.

Kind regards

Hi Guys,

We wanted to thank you for your excellent work on our guitars.
Kirstie loves her wee Baby Les Paul now and it plays real easy.
The Washburn feels and sounds fantastic, the “nut job” so to speak is perfect!
Thanks to all the team who did another terrific job,
Black Dog has never been murdered so happily! Paul and Kirstie.


Many thanks for doing the set-up on my PRS guitar that I collected from you yesterday. It’s a bit like having a new guitar. The action is great.

Continued success to you and the business.