Setups & Fretwork

Guitar Setups & Fretwork

Frets are a hugely important component of your guitar. If your strings start to buzz or rattle when fretting, or choke out when bending notes then it’s likely due to worn, loose or uneven frets.

As the metal strings contact the frets, grooves or pits can appear causing buzzing and an unpleasant feeling for the fingertips on your fretting hand.

Changes in humidity and temperature also play a part – movement in the fingerboard can result in high spots in the fretboard.

If this is the case it’s time for a Fret Dress or Fretstone & Profile. This is a process where the frets are carefully levelled down to remove the wear/imperfections and then re-profiled and polished back to a mirror finish.

If the frets are very worn or were low to begin with then it may require Re-Fretting . More information here : Refrets & Partial Refrets

Speedy Setup

Full Setup

Fretstone & Profile

Speedy Setup – our basic setup. Ideal when making minor changes to your Setup such as changing string gauges or when the guitar only requires minor adjustments

Full Setup – A comprehensive Setup which includes action, neck relief, intonation and nut height and pickup height adjustments as well as conditioning the Fingerboard and polishing the frets

Pro Setup including Fret Dress – the frets are levelled to remove any wear and pitting in the frets then carefully reprofiled and polished to a mirror shine. The guitar is then setup with fresh strings (see Full Setup)