Zoom Acoustic A2 Multi Effects



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For Acoustic Guitar

Over 47 Effects

Chromatic Tuner


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Features – 

● Latest technology for top performance
Excellent sound quality is assured by signal processing circuitry featuring 96 kHz/24 bit sampling and
internal 32-bit processing. Frequency response remains flat to 40 kHz, and signal-to-noise ratio is an
amazing 100 dB.
● Full array of effects optimized for acoustic guitar
Out of a versatile palette of 47 effects, up to eight (including ZNR) can be used simultaneously. In
addition to standard effects such as compressor and delay/reverb, the A2 offers effects which simulate
the sound of famous acoustic guitars, a mic simulator, and other specialized acoustic guitar effects.
● Select optimum characteristics for pickups and amps
The A2 allows you to select the best frequency response for your pickup and amp. This is great for
eliminating sonic problems that can occur when playing an acoustic guitar through a guitar amplifier.
● Automatic suppression of acoustic feedback
The feedback control feature pinpoints the frequency where acoustic feedback (howling) occurs and
provides an efficient cure. The function can be activated by foot switch during a performance.
● Advanced interface
Rotary selectors and three parameter knobs make operation extremely quick and intuitive. The muting
interval when switching patches has been reduced to less than 8 milliseconds, allowing virtually
seamless patch changes.
● Rhythm function and auto-chromatic tuner
Rhythm patterns created from highly realistic PCM sources are convenient for use instead of a
metronome during practice or for quick session work. The auto-chromatic tuner designed for guitar
makes tuning a snap.
● Support for foot switch and expression pedal
By connecting an optional foot switch (FS01) to the CONTROL IN jack, you can switch banks, specify
the rhythm tempo, and switch feedback control on and

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