Zoom 504 II Acoustic FX – SOLD



Various Effects

Built in Tuner

Feedback Suppressor

Can be used for both acoustic and electric guitar

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Features – 

• Rich effect palette for acoustic guitar
The 504 II incorporates a wealth of effects specially designed for use with
an acoustic guitar. De-AMP reduces harshness when playing an acoustic
guitar through a guitar amplifier. AIR lends a spacious feeling to the
sound. TOUCH makes picking more uniform and smooth. The 504 II is
also useful as a preamplifier for recording acoustic or electric guitar, and it
offers various patches tuned specially for electric guitar.
• Great for electric guitar too
The built-in simulator transforms the sound of an electric guitar into that of
an acoustic instrument. During a live performance, this makes it a snap to
switch between different sound characteristics.
• Highly effective feedback suppressor
The F.B.SUPPRESSOR function automatically detects the frequencies
where feedback (howling) occurs and attenuates that band. Operation can
be controlled easily with a foot switch.
• Built-in auto-chromatic tuner
The integrated tuning function lets you quickly and precisely tune your
instrument on stage.
• Dual power supply enables operation anywhere
The dual power supply principle allows the unit to be powered either from
an AC adapter or from four IEC R6 (size AA) batteries. Continuous
operation time on batteries is 8 hours with manganese batteries and 28
hours with alkaline batteries.
• Compatible with foot switch and pedals
An optional foot switch (FS01) or expression pedal (FP01/FP02) can be
connected to the CONTROL IN jack. The foot switch is useful for quickly
detecting the feedback frequency, and the expression pedal allows
adjusting the volume or effect tone in real time.

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