Orange OR120 Head + Cab (UK, 1972) – RESERVED


A 1972 Orange OR120 Head & Cab. Fully Serviced here at Strung Out Guitars.

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This incredibly rare and vintage UK made Orange stack is the first one of it’s kind to come into our shop in 17 years. These were one of first amps that were built after Orange and Matamp parted ways and is one of the rarer “Graphics Only” models. The head features a pair of ECC83’s and 4 x EL34’s which can power up to a max of 120 Watt of Orange fuzz power! In the cabinet we have 4 x 12″ speakers, one of which has been replaced! Almost everything else about this stack is original apart from 2 x filter caps which have been replaced and the mains input socket which has also been replaced. The overall condition for the stack is good for the age however there is a noticeable stain on the grille cloth of the cab. Both the head and cab have been serviced before being put on sale! A total rarity!

Fully Serviced!

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