North Star PAF Pickups (Handmade in Scotland, Brand New)


£129 Each or £239 for set

Elektrisola 42awg plain enamel copper wire

• Roughcast alnico 5 bar magnet made in UK

• Braided hook-up wire

• Humbuckers have NOT been wax-potted

•  Butyrate bobbins

• 8.6 kΩ* Bridge pickup

• 7.9 kΩ* Neck pickup

• Handmade in Scotland

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North Star PAF® humbuckers offer vintage-inspired tone with modern versitility.


42awg plain enamel Elektrisola copper wire has been carefully wound round a pair of butyrate bobbins. Below each pair of bobbins we have a UK made roughcast alnico 5 bar magnet that is held securely in place with a traditional maple shim. Braided hook-up wire provides a vintage aesthic while ensuring every connection between the copper wire and your guitar is solid and durable.


Expect rich dynamics, sweet highs, punchy mids and warm low-end that will open the doors to a plethora of iconic guitar tones. These humbuckers compliment every genre from jazz to heavy rock with expectional responsiveness and clarity. The only deviation from a 50’s humbucker is the decision to wind the bridge unit realtively hot in order to balance the volume between both pickups and increase sustain.