North Star Pickups Vintage Telecaster (Handmade in Scotland, Brand New)


£65 Neck Pickup

• 43 awg Elektrisola heavy formvar copper wire

• Alnico 5 rod magnets

• RWRP for hum-cancelling middle position

• Vintage style cloth covered hook-up wire

• Wax-potted with paraffin/beeswax

• 9.35kΩ* bridge pickup

• 7.65kΩ* neck pickup

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North Star Classic Telecaster pickups take inspiration from the 1950’s with a few tweaks to suit modern players.

43 awg Elektrisola heavy formvar copper wire is used for both the bridge and neck in place of the more traditional 42 awg. This results in a hotter pickup with more defined low end whilst retaining the sparkling highs that we all expect from a boutique singlecoil pickup. A relatively hot bridge coil provides balanced volume with the neck as well as delivering more mids that are often missing in a Telecaster® bridge pickup.

These Telecaster® pickups are wound RWRP to ensure a sweet and smooth middle position on your 3-way selector switch. Alnico 5 magnets provide a bright, balanced and versitile tone.

Vintage-inspired details include a tradition bridge baseplate, cloth covered single core hook-up wire and wax-potting with 80% parrafin and 20% beeswax