North Star Pickups Vintage Jazz Bass (Handmade in Scotland, Brand New)


£69 Each OR £129 for set

• Elektrasolia 42awg heavy formvar copper wire

• Alncio 5 magnets

• Cloth covered single-core hook-up wire

• Wax-potted with 80% parrafin & 20% beeswax

• 9.0kΩ Bridge pickup

• 8.05kΩ Neck pickup

• Handmade in Scotland

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North Star Vintage Jazz Bass® pickups have been developed to give modern players access to all the classic features that have been making real difference the the low-end of popular music for over 60 years.


Vintage-spec Elektrisola heavy formvar copper wire and alnico 5 rods guarentee warmth, depth and clarity. A slightly hotter bridge unit provides an even volume between both pickups to ensure you won’t be unnecessarily tweaking your amp settings between songs. This precise calibration means you’ll never struggle to dial in the perfect tone regardless of your style or genre.


Other vintage-inspired details include wax-potting with parrafin & beeswax and cloth covered single core hook-up wire to ensure durable connections and reliabe performance.