North Star Pickups Classic Strat Single Coil (Handmade in Scotland, Brand New)


• Neck 5.7 kΩ*

• Elektrisola heavy formvar copper wire

• Vintage-staggered and bevelled alnico 5 rods

• Vintage style cloth covered hook-up wire

• Wax-potted with paraffin/beeswax

• RWRP for hum-cancelling in positions 2 & 4

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North Star Classic Stratocaster® pickups will breath new life into your strat® with vintage-inspired tone and a few modern tweaks.


All three pickups utilize vintage spec Elektrisola heavy formvar copper wire. 42 awg is used for the neck and middle pickups to provide the crisp yet warm tone that you’ve heard on countless classic records. The bridge pickup is wound hot with 43 awg wire to cut the harsh high-end that is so often the achillies heel of a strat® bridge pickup while also creating a more even volume across your 5-way switch.


Exceptional responsiveness from each pickup gives you the confidence to play anything from snappy country licks to crunchy heavy rock solos. Expect bell-like highs, dynamic mids and tight, rich low-end that will bring out the very best of your instrument.


Additional vintage-inspired details include staggered bevelled alnico 5 magnets, cloth covered single core hook-up wire and wax-potting with 80% parrafix and 20% beeswax.