Nexi Pedal Board with Nexi Looper & Connexi Plates



Includes Carry Bag, Nexi Looper & 4 Connexi Plates (Usually sold serperately)

NEXI Slim Powered Pedalboard

Tuner (Build in)

3 Step Booster (Build In)

DI – XLR balanced output

DI – Jack unbalanced output

12 Volt external Power Supply output


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What Nexi say about their 4 slot pedal board –

NEXI Electric powered pedalboard carries many of the great features of it’s big brother “The NEXI Solution”, just in a smaller, more convenient and more mobile format.

Key features such as; huge display, build in Tuner, build in 3 step Booster and build in power supply, support all the convenience any guitarist may want.

The board has four slots, allowing you to Click ‘n Play any four of NEXI’s analog single pedals.

With the build in DI, and the possibility to power pedal (up to 12 volt) outside the NEXI Electric, this might be the Swiss Army Knife of pedalboards.

Taking up less room and allowing you to bring only the essentials with no sacrifice to your tone you have slaved to create.

And yes… you can also use your existing 9V pedals and put them in the chain on the pedalboard any way you like with the conNEXI adapter.”

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Extras Included

Carry Bag, Looper and 4 Connexi Plates