Crate G160XL Amplifier



Made in USA (1994)

Two Channels

3  Band EQ



Footswitch Input

1 x Electro Voice EVM-12L speaker

Fully Serviced

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The G160XL by Crate is a 160 Watt guitar amplifier. This amp was made in the USA in 1994 and can’t be found for sale too often! The G160XL offers two channels with seperate LED indicators and a reverb option. Channel A has Gain and Level control knobs to control your distortion and volume respectively. This channel also has a Shape Matrix section with a Sub knob to add bottom end to the channel, a Focus knob which can either direct focus to mid range or creates a “fat” sound with emphasis on lows and highs, and finally a Lead knob to add a lead sound to channel A. Channel B has a Volume control knob, EQ knobs (Low, Mid & High) and a Bright switch which affects the brilliance of the tone and adding some sharpness. The Reverb knob is a great addition to this amplifier and is very handy for those not using pedals. Other additional features of this amp include a footswitch input, a Line Out and Line In jack and external speaker jacks on the back panel.

Finally, this amplifier is fitted with an Electro-Voice EVM-12L Speaker which is an excellent speaker! These are highly valuable and sound great. This amplifier has been fully serviced before going out on sale so this is a real bargain!